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Who would have dreamed God would use green bananas to teach her one of life’s greatest lessons; that of the growing and maturing process. This process does not have to be as painful as we make it. Like green bananas we placed in our pantry to delay the ripening, I too was delayed in my personal ripening and maturing as a Christian.

I am a pastor’s wife and former missionary to Brazil. After 21 years we returned to Missouri, where my husband Bill was Senior Pastor of the Dunnegan Bible Baptist Church, outside Bolivar for 12 years. He has also taught missions, then Dean of Men at the Baptist Bible College in Springfield, Missouri during more than 20 years where we both are graduates.  At this present time, we are on staff and serving at Cherry Street Baptist with our wonderful Seniors called Prime Timers.

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  1. Saundra says:

    Good luck with this endeavor , Carol.

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